Bedtime Tune Time is a collection of short daily song videos designed to help you transition your kids to bedtime. In these difficult times as we're suddenly "staying home," we've seen our daily routines and schedules evaporate overnight.

This can be an especially difficult time for our children, as they may not understand why they can't go to school, or see their friends, or even their grandparents or other family members. It's stressful time for parents, as they try to establish a new kind of normal for the foreseeable future.

The videos are not intended to replace you in your bedtime routine, but to give you a resting place; a time to catch your breath and mark and celebrate the end of your child's day together. I hope you will watch them together and sing along. Children are comforted by repetition and routine, and I hope they will help you find a small but significant piece of routine as we try to find our new normal.  

A great way to start is by listening to Tuck You In With A Song.

And when this is all behind us, you and your child will have memories that will last a lifetime- because that's what singing together does best!

Here are some additional ideas and activities for you to share with your child. If your child has a favorite song they would like to see in my videos, just let me know. This is a work in progress, and I welcome their - and your- input! Songs just need to be traditional (or mine!).

1. Read a book before and or after the video.
2. If you play an instrument, you can go to the song links under the videos for lyrics
    and sheet music- play along or just do it yourself!
3. Print out the lyrics and sing along.

                       Sleep Well!