• Download and sing songs from song library.

  • Sing song together when Skyping or at family gatherings

  • Make technology projects to help children learn about their family and community

A Parent's Story

“When my baby was born I realized I really wanted to sing to him. But I couldn’t remember any of the songs I learned when I was little. I found the Sing With Our Kids website, and found many I recognized.

Then I started reading about all the great things singing does for my baby! I downloaded many of the songs and even made a CD of them to play when my baby goes to sleep. He loves it so much when I sing to him, and already responds differently when I sing one of “our” songs.

We started going to the library to check out picture books based on the same songs, like Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. My baby already knows the song, so he enjoys looking at the illustrations as I sing the words.“