QR (Quick Response) codes are a genius way for anyone with a mobile device to instantly get access to information. You simply aim your phone camera at the funny black and white box, and tap the website address that pops up and ta-da! No typing long web addresses and clicking on extra links. Think of the possibilities for illiterate, low literacy, or non-English speaking families- and EVERYONE! You don’t have to be able to read, and only need to learn how to do two things; point your phone camera and tap! Information is there before your eyes, whether it’s a video in a specific language, where to catch a bus, or hearing a song! Why is this really important? The latest PEW research poll (2022) found that up to 97% of households have smartphones and a high percentage of low income families use them as their only Internet device. Using QR codes is a powerful and totally accessible way to connect them with information - including the songs on this website!

NOTE: Cameras on older phones may not read QR codes. In that case, just download a free QR code reader from your app store.

Advocates who work directly with families should familiarize themselves with this technology so they can help clients use them for resources and information. Nonprofits are just now starting to realize the power of this simple app in connecting low income families with resources; free museum passes, food stamps, medical care, and more. But being able to listen to and learn a song while turning the pages of a book is no less powerful. Each of the printable wordless books has a QR code for this purpose.  

You should also know that creating a QR code is also free, using a free QR code generator. I like QR code Monkey, but there are many others. You simply copy and paste the full URL (web address) into a text box, and when you press “enter,” the code is there. Download the code, then copy and paste it into your print flier, brochure, or business card, and videos, and you empower your clients to have access to any kind of information you want to provide. How can you use this simple technology with your clients?

The possibilities are endless!             (GO BACK TO SONG LIBRARY)