A Community Songsheet


Bear Hunt
(a chant)
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   Goin’ on a bear hunt 
   I’m not afraid.
   We’re gonna catch a BIG one!

Open the door,
shut the door
Here We Go!
   (Chorus Chant)

Tall Grass
We’ll have to go through it (swishing sounds)
   (Chorus Chant)

We’ll have to walk through it. (make slurping sounds)
   (Chorus Chant)

Look! Water!
Well have to swim (make swimming sounds)
   (Chorus Chant)

Look! It’s a tall tree!
We’ll have to climb it (make clicking or other sounds for climbing)
Look around
What do you see?
Oh no! It’s a bear
Quick, RUN!

(reverse all lines above as you run home)
Run run run!
Swim across the river! Run run run!
Walk through the mud Run run run!
Go through the tall grass Run run run!
Open the door…. Shut the door…. Whew!

(Finish with one more chorus chant)