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Think of this website as a franchise for music and early learning, and YOU are a franchise owner!

I invite you to set up your own “Sing With Our Kids” program in your own family, school, or community. Use any or all of the materials on the site, or just to inspire your own plan.

Click on the link below that best describes your category to see specific resources available on the site, and read an example of how they might be employed.

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When I got the idea to make a live pilot project part of this website’s resources, I realized my own community would provide the perfect “laboratory!” Mercer Island is geographically small, but has a library, book store, twenty-some preschools and daycares, three elementary schools, numerous churches and synagogues, two retail business districts, and lots and lots of parks! We raised our children here, and I have sung with children who are now parents. Their children’s grandparents are my peers, and my friends. So we are already connected. I look forward to getting to know my own community in a whole new way, and giving you songs, ideas, and tools to do the same!


What It's All About
Okay, raise your hand if you learned the ABC Song when you were little.
Now keep your hand up if you learned it before you even knew your letters (trust me, you most likely did, so keep your hand up). Now put your hand down if you've ever forgotten the ABC Song
Your hand's still up, isn't it? That, in a nutshell, is the magic of music and literacy. It makes sounds and words into patterns so our brains can remember them.

Simply put, music powers the young brain.
Singing with a child connects neural pathways and increases the ability to retain information. In other words, it builds memory. Music builds a strong sense of rhythm, which leads to a better ability to understand and produce language. Singing develops spatial reasoning which allows children to recognize patterns and later helps in problem-solving. Songs are rich in vocabulary and by nature build phonological awareness.

I'm Nancy Stewart, and this site reflects my desire to share the knowledge I've gained over my decades as a composer and performer of children's music; but I also wanted to develop ways for parents, family members, and teachers to harness this power for themselves.

"Sing With Our Kids" is really two simultaneous projects:
It's a combination of both this website, and an ongoing project within my own community of Mercer Island, Washington where I will be able to fine-tune and develop ideas and techniques. Everything that happens with real families during the project will be documented and woven into the information already on the website. In this way, it will be a living growing, and continuing resource.

One of the main purposes of this site is to reflect what we've all learned together and will continue to grow as more people contribute their experiences. If you live in the Seattle area, I invite you to attend any of the events and programs, all of which will be free. And wherever you live in the world, you’ll be able to follow the project on my blog and use all of the ideas, songs, and materials generated to help children within your own family and community develop early learning skills as you sing with your kids! 
 -  Nancy Stewart

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