Here's a way to use technology with your own photographs to create personal little books for you and your child to sing together. Below you'll find 3 books in Word format for you to use as templates. Notice that you can make them using just a printer and 3 ring notebook or (if you want to go "high tech") create it on your pad.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Download and view the book template to see the content

  2. Take your own photos in your own community.
              (HINTS): See your community through your childís eyes as you look for things to take pictures of.
                               You can also shoot from a low angle to show it from their point of view.

  3. Download the photos onto your computer   (right-click and select "save link as..."  or "save target as...")

  4. Open the Word Template file for the book you want to make

  5. Click on each photo in the Word file, delete, and replace with your own photo.

  6. Click on each text box and change the text to fit your photo

  7. Download the mp3 file for a song you can sing with your new book  (right-click and "save link as..."  or "save target as...")

  8. Modify lyrics as noted for each one

  9. Sit with your child or children and sing!

If you have a preschool class
take a walk and have children point out trucks or vehicle they see, and you can take the pictures.
Then go back to the classroom and make the book. They will love having been a part of it!

Last but not least! Share this page with families so they can make their own books at home!


1. Baby, Who Do You See?

For this book youíll need photos of family members; those who live nearby, and those who live far away. Itís a great way to help your child know about his family. Babies love looking at faces, and older children will want to know more about their families



2. Iíll Drive a Dump Truck

For this book you will need photos of vehicles in your community. Just walk or drive around and you will suddenly see all kinds of vehicle you never realized were there! Children love seeing familiar places, so ask them if they recognize the location of each photo.


3. Letís Go to the Market

For this book youíll need photos of five businesses your children will recognize, and a photo of a favorite place to play ( could be park, playground, or school yard)

You will change the words to sing:
Letís go to the ______________, letís go right away
We can (buy) (mail) some _________________
And then weíll go and play!
On the last page of your book, insert your photo of a favorite
place to play!

Make it even more fun by having one item you would find at each of the places.
Using the photos in the sample book, you might use these:

  • dog food or leash for pet store
  • a letter for the post office
  • book for the book store
  • library books (with bar codes or labels you can point out) for library
  • Food item for market

As you read the book and sing the song, stop and ask the children which of the items you would find at that place
Another Activity
You could also take a photo of the items, back them with felt, and have them on a felt board next to you while you sing. You or the child could take each item off the board as it matches the place on the page.

If you have an I-pad, you can download a very cool app called E-book creator. Itís really easy to use, and letís you take photos with I-pad (or use photos you already have), add text to the pages, AND record yourself reading it! You can even add background music! Itís very easy to use, although it takes a few minutes to figure out the process. This is great for both parents and grandparents! You can then share the book on the Internet. Note that you will both need to have the app, and itís $3.99. I havenít found an Android app that does the same thing, but Iím sure itís coming!