Jim Thomas

Dr. James "Jim"  L. Thomas
Early Literacy Consultant
17 years university professor;
13 years children’s public librarian
contact:: earlyliteracyworkshops@live.com
wiki site: itsbybitsybabies.pbworks.com   
 “Language Play for Infants”


 How Singing Enhances My Work 

"Singing is a constant in any program I offer for young children and their parents.  It brings to life stories that I share, connects the care giver with the child, and encourages listening skills."

 The One Thing I want You to Know

"Singing, just like reading, connects the young child to the adult and provides memories of all they learned while little about the exciting world "

1.  Up, Up, Up to Baby’s Nose 

About the Song: A multi-sensory experience, teaches body parts, rhyming

Personal Comment:  Watch the baby smile at you begin with the toes and travel up the body with your fingers to the nose. I always receive a smiling face or wiggle.
2. Blue Bird Through My Window

About the Song: Visual acuity/tracking, four basic colors, integrates words in the song with appropriate ALS signs

Personal Comment:  It’s so exciting to see a 6-month-old track each colored bird as it’s moved back and forth as I sing the song.
3 . I’ll Drive A Dump Truck

About the Song: Displaying illustrations of each transportation object on a wall from left-right shows the reading process

Personal Comment:  Making various motions of each item—truck, sailboat, car, airplane, and wagon—excites young children and before long they are making the same motion to the rhythm of the song.
4 . Plant a Little Seed

About the Song: Using felt board cutouts of the ground, seeds, and vegetables, I plant the seeds into the ground and then have the children guess what each vegetable is by giving clues; share Jasper’s Beanstalk by Nick Butterworth that shows planting a seed and watching it grow

Personal Comment:  Parents have shared many times that when the visit the grocery their children easily identify the vegetables as they shop in the produce department.
5. Four Little Paper Dolls

About the Song: Children enjoy watching as the I cut the boy or girl paper doll figures from a half-sheet of paper and are amazed when the four appear

Personal Comment:   I typically pass out paper and scissors for the parents to cut as I demonstrate the method. Then they can take the figure home and share the song with their child.