Nothing beats experience, so I've invited people in different areas of expertise to share their knowledge with us.
Click on each photo to read their suggestions and 5 favorite songs.

My deep thanks and appreciation to each of them for generously sharing their experience.

Kathy Stockbridge M.Ed.
Special Education teacher

Rick Samuelson
Youth Services Librarian

Dr. Margaret Read MacDonald
Author & Storyteller

Dr. Meg Lippert
Author & Storyteller
Wendy Zieve
Board certified music therapist

Eric Ode
Author, Singer-Songwriter


Lisl van Rijswijk
Teacher for children with Autism
Sharon Chastain
Children’s Librarian
Charlie Williams, Noiseguy
Sound impressionist
Jim Thomas

Dr. James "Jim"  L. Thomas
Early Literacy Consultant

MaryLee Sunseri
Singer-songwriter of children's songs