• Download songs from song library, or just listen to help your remember familiar tunes

  • Record yourself singing the songs, and make a CD to send to your grandchildren

  • Purchase a book based one of the traditional songs, and record yourself reading and singing it;
    Send the book and CD to your grandchildren

  • Make one of the technology books using photos of family or your community, and give to grandchildren.

  • Record yourself singing the song, or give them the website link to hear it.

  • Make felt pieces and download songs to make a kit for grandkids to use when they visit

A Grandparent's Story

ďWe have two grandchildren who live nearby and visit often, and three that live far away. We have made felt kits for all of them from the free activities, and downloaded the songs. Itís been a great way for us all to stay connected.

And when my son asked me why I sing so much, I was able to tell him by sending him to the Sing With Our Kids website to read the information on music and early literacy. When I was growing up, we sang all the time! We didnít think about why. We did it to keep the kids busy, or to pass the time, or to make our work go faster. It definitely made us feel closer to each other.

But now since so many parents donít seem to be singing to their kids, itís nice to be able to have some information to back up our instinct! ď