• Download and sing songs from song library

  • Print and post song poster so parents can download and sing the same songs at home.

  • Download Bakers Dozen and build a kit using CD and picture books of these 13 songs

  • Use at least one book that sings in each story time;

  • Have book list and display of books that sing for parents to check out

  • Let daycare providers know about the free resources on the Sing With Our Kids website

  • Use activities from free activities pages

  • Use community assessment form and guide to help identify outreach opportunities and strategies

  • Use Event Planner and Tips Sheet to plan community events as part of outreach

  • Read Tips and Tricks from the Experts to get a quick inspiration for songs to use in story times
    from children's librarians and other experts.

    A Librarianís Story

"I love this website! It has so many traditional songs that every child should know. But many parents donít know them, so it's great being able to print out the song poster and have trained our story time parents to use the website to sing the same songs at home.

I always make sure there is a book display of picture books based on traditional songs, and I use at least one during each story time. I have made the felt pieces and use the felt songs I found on the activities page, and I read picture books that tie in with them. For example, when I do the Felt Board Train Song, I read Chugga Chugga Choo Choo, by Kevin Lewis.
I have printed out some of the early learning and music information for parents, and let them know singing is one of the easiest ways to help them get their children ready to read.

Having all of these materials right there on the website has made my story times a joy to prepare; and kids love the songs!"