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A Teacherís Story

BIGSTOCK ďI download songs from the song library throughout the year. I find picture book titles on the book shelf based on those songs, and read a book that sings every day during circle time. Most of the time I just check them out from the library. Itís so great to have the list to work from- it does all the work for me! I print out the poster for each song I use and post it on the classroom door so that parents can see what weíre singing, and sing the same songs at home, easily reinforcing what Iím doing at school. The parents love being a part of their childrenís day at school! I also copy and paste pieces of early learning information I found on the website, and include it in our weekly newsletters home. We tell the parents we are using Sing With Our Kids songs and materials in our curriculum, and they are encouraged to go to the website and use them too. Iíve also used many of the ideas from the free activities pagesď