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On September 1st, 2012, the Sing With Our Kids Pilot Project was launched. Since then we have held dozens of events, and new ones are being added. In this section you will find detailed notes on how each event was planned and held, as well as a printable planner and tips sheet you can use to plan your own event. Whether you are a single school, or a whole community, you can use as little or as much of the information here, or just use it to inspire your own ideas!


Pilot Project Event Journals
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Ring Around the Rosy
Best Ever Books to Read and Sing Event

These Events have been held, and documentation is coming!
       Community Christmas Caroling
       May Pole Celebration
       Flash Mob
       Parent Talk on Music and Early Literacy
       Story Time at the Library
       Pajama Story Time at Local Book Store
       Grandparents Gathering
       Community Sing-Along Scavenger Hunt
       Community Parade Participation
       Campfire Sing-along
       Flash Mob in local Farmerís Market
       Paper Mache Fruit Shaker making
       Community Sing-along Scavenger Hunt




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