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On this page you'll find instructions and links to PDF signs, booklets, and other materials that I've used for the Sing With Our Kids pilot project.
Click on the graphic illustration or button to view, or just right-click and "save link as..." or "save target as..." to download it!

A 6 page campfire songbook with all the  lyrics to 5 favorite songs like, "Home On The Range"  - plus 3 popular rounds!
Campfire Booklet 
Book with Chords

"Best Ever Books To Sing"
Four signs for you to use with this SWOK event.

"Best Ever Books To Sing"


Get tips, ideas, and instructions
for creating your own family
or neighborhood music classes.
(PDF format)


Did you miss getting my weekly e-mails on how to use these songs (or maybe you just can't wait?)

Then download them all in one handy document so you can have them all in one place or plan ahead!

Download the Word Doc so you can edit it to suit your own ideas or situation, or get the PDF version for fast access that anyone can read - even if they don't own Word.

You can find the free Baker's Dozen playlist and printable CD cover HERE.

The Maypole has been one of the most popular and fun events we've done for the pilot project, and I encourage you to gather the children in your own community or group and do it as well.

 It's fun in the sun, but can just as easily be done indoors. Here are the complete instructions with photos of how to make your own inexpensive Maypole from widly available materials.

2 SWOK Passports to Early Learning.
Print out PDF version or get the Word doc and customize it for your own use.
for the PDF
for the Word doc.

Here are 2 examples of fliers I use for SWOK events. Use them for inspiration to create fliers for your own Sing With Our Kids event

FOR Read and Sing Event

FOR Library Sing-A-Long

for fliers or posters for your Sing With Our Kids Event. Available in 2 sizes, both PNG graphics format so it has a transparent background.

LARGE (8"x 8")

SMALL (2"x 2")

Make these musical instruments from everyday items together, and when you're done, you can use them to sing a song       

Bracelet Rings: Make loops out of webbing so parents holding babies or young children can wear it on their arm while the person next to them holds the other side of the loop. This keeps everyone connected in a circle even though arms are full! You can make them out of anything you have on hand. You could tear up an old sheet or table cloth into strips and simply knot the two ends, making a loop. A Successful Ring Around the Rosy is when everyone is connected!

Sing With Our Kids  BANNER and STAND!
Here are step-by-step instructions for making a SWOK banner for your own event, using inexpensive and easy to find materials.
(PDF format)