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When I made the decision to conduct the pilot project for Sing With Our Kids, I realized my own community would be the perfect “laboratory.” For thirty years my husband and I have lived and worked in this community as we raised our children and enjoyed having good friends and neighbors. Sing With Our Kids has allowed me to get to know my home in a whole new way. Based on all I have learned, I put together a tool to help you identify all of the factors I found myself needing to consider. Whether you’re planning to do Sing With Our Kids community-wide as I am doing, or just in your school or organization, many of the same considerations will apply. Use the Community Assessment Tips Page to guide you, and the Community Assessment Form to personalize the details of your own unique community, whether it’s a city or town, a library or other organization, or a single school.

Lastly, keep in mind Sing With Our Kids seeks to provide a model using free or very low-cost resources, making it accessible to any community. It really does “take a village,” and by using what we have and working together, any community can Sing With Our Kids. And we will all reap the benefits it brings!


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