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  • On this page you'll find links to marketing materials I've used in SWOK community events, all in PDF format.
  • Click on the graphic illustration to view, or just right-click and "save link as..." or "save target as..." to download it!

Below are links to the promotional pieces to get you started. For year round events, itís really great to have a banner you can set up. Whether indoors or out, you want families to get used to seeing the banner and identifying it with ďsomething happening and everyone is welcome!

SWOK BANNER AND STAND: Letís you publicize your event indoors or out! Once you start doing events, you want even families driving by to know they can stop the car and join the fun!

SWOK LOGO: You can use the official Sing With Our Kids logo on correspondence, advertising, and even tee shirts. It's available in two sizes; 8x8 (for a poster or flyer) and 2x2 for a small graphic or website.

PASSPORT TO EARLY LEARNING: Give this printable passport to children attending your events. Mine is designed to be stamped or get a sticker any time kids attend. They can then get a free CD when they have collected 10 stamps or stickers. I also do parent education talks, and offer five stamps for those! You can download this as a pdf if you want to use it just like it is, or as a Word file to modify it in any way you want. Donít forget you can make free CDís to give away using any of the songs on the website. Of course the Bakerís Dozen is great because Iíve even given you the printable artwork for the CD case.

Sing With Our Kids  BANNER and STAND!
Here are step-by-step instructions for making a SWOK banner for your own event, using inexpensive and easy to find materials.
(PDF format)

for fliers or posters for your Sing With Our Kids Event. Available in 2 sizes, both PNG graphics format so it has a transparent background.

LARGE (8"x 8")

SMALL (2"x 2")

2 SWOK Passports to Early Learning.
Print out PDF version or get the Word doc and customize it for your own use.
for the PDF
for the Word doc.

Three forms you can use for your own Sing With Our Kids activities and events:

E-Mail sign-up sheet for The Baker's Dozen Informational description and letter for the Sing With Our Kids school program The information sheet and letter I used for the Flash Mob event.