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Today, more than ever, grandparents play an important part in children's lives. Whether as babysitters for parents with increasingly less time to spend with their child, or simply because we live longer and healthier and can be with them more often, your experience and involvement is a real asset. This page will give you ideas  to help you give your grandchildren an early literacy advantage while at the same time become even closer to them.
  • Using songs to get and stay connected
  • Sharing songs from your family history
  • Projects you can do together
  • Making a “music” kit to share with or send to your grandchild
  • Using music to help you have fun when the grandchildren are just visiting!\
  • From Songs to Skype! Using technology and good old-fashioned song-sharing!
  • Be suret to read all the material on the .
    Early Literacy and Music   page