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Welcome to the Global Village song page! This will be home to traditional children's songs from around the world. This is YOUR page. So if you know traditional songs from outside the United States you would like to share, send me an e-mail with the words and melody recorded as an mp3 and we can work together to add it to the library.

In the meantime, here are some of my "global" songs to get the page started. The songs I have written are the result of traditions shared with me by families in my audiences. Songs are an easy way for even the youngest children to learn about other cultures, and for all of us to learn about each other.

So I welcome YOUR input in making this page grow to represent all children of the world!

NOTE: For the moment, all the songs will link to the song on my NancyMusic website so you can start using them right away. But very soon we'll have them all on the Sing With Our Kids website.
                                                 We Are Singing With The Children Of The World

Download the songs you want from the list below, or
 DOWNLOAD THEM ALL in a zipped file package.

Break the Piñata
Bonjour Mon Ami
Celebrate Eid

Es Un Día
Gung Hay Fat Choy
Los Animales
Summer and Winter
Vamos Al Mercado